BROKEN NEW: Disaster
BROKEN NEW: Conspiracy

a collaboration with Chris Royalty
experimental TV, 19min, 2012

In 3 parts: Disaster (4min), Drama (7min) & Conspiracy (8min)
This series is an intimate attempt at reporting, mediating and being mediated. This comes from an experiment/performance in which I had a news desk set up at the foot of my bed for 2 weeks. I would read only headlines all day and then deliver the “news” from memory at night. Then, I would wake myself up in the middle of a deep sleep and report all of the newest news I could muster (my dreams). The next step was to gather those newscasts and send them off to another level of mediation: my graphics department (artist Chris Royalty). Using text from my nighttime headline news, actual news, stream of consciousness video clips I gathered and variations on all of the above, he helped to create the full, overwhelming image of information dissemination.


Also available on the Variable Area Television Network