February 19, 2017

Hello 2017. – We’re a month and a half into this 2017 whirlwind already and before my year shifts into a completely new gear, I thought I’d say hello and let you know where my work & I have been and will be in the near future.

2017 so far…

Discontinuity screened:

Discontinuity also did a little tour around Colorado thanks to the folks at Experimental Pints and Pictures.  It played in their “Laughter is the Brecht Medicine: Surrealism, Absurdity and the Avant-Garde” program at the Lyric Cinema Cafe on Feb 2nd, at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art on Feb 9th and at Counterpath, a Denver Writer’s Cafe on Feb 15th.

I went to Minneapolis for a solo screening with Cellular Cinema on February 8th, an Artist Talk at the University of Minnesota and some class visits. Minneapolis was wonderful and welcoming!

On the way…

  • I will be performing “stand-up” (technically for the first time) at Helltrap Nightmare at the Hideout on February 26th. I will also be 37.5 weeks pregnant…so guess what I’ll be talking about?
  • Also on February 26th, a bit earlier in the night, I will be recognized, along with filmmakers Michael Smith, Jennifer Reeder and Lonnie Edwards at the Gene Siskel Film Center’s Hollywood on State Oscars Celebration.
  • Beasts in the Garden, my music video for Spires that in the Sunset Rise will be at the Atlanta Film Festival in March.
  • In late March, Broken New: Disaster will a part of a program at the Plastik Festival in Dublin organized by Mark Toscano.
  • I’m (still, I know…) in the finishing phase for FUTURE LANGUAGE: The Dimensions of VON LMO, now working with the fantastic editor Agnes Starczewski.  Basic web presence has been established, so if you’re looking for updates, check out:
  • Lastly, speaking of what is on the way, I’m expecting my first child on March 15th (yes, I realize that’s the Ides of March and I will beware). She and I will spend some quality time together for a few months, so you may hear from me or you may not, but expect me to emerge with a lot of new (probably strange and Cronenbergian) ideas.


December 15, 2016

Upcoming, 2017 screenings:
Discontinuity will be at the London Short Film Festival in the New Shorts: International, “Space is the Place” program on January 8th and I’ll be there!

Discontinuity will also be at Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany, in the International Short Film Competition January 18th-20th.


October 3, 2016
Fall 2016 Screenings!

Broken New (Disaster) is in the program “Humor is the Politeness of Despair” as part of Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris, programmed by Mark Toscano, at the Centre Pompidou on October 5

Discontinuity will be at the following festivals:
* Antimatter [Media Art] Festival in Victoria, BC Canada on October 21
* Driftless Film Festival, Mineral Point Wisconsin on November 5th
* San Diego Underground Film Festival on November 13th
* London Short Film Festival sometime January 6-15, 2017

Beasts in the Garden will also be at the Antimatter Festival, but on October 14

MOVING: And if you haven’t checked it out yet, MOVING, my online video project which premiered in June, is waiting for you at



  • Discontinuity played to a pack roofed in the Rooftop Films Summer Series on June 9th in NYC.
  • Discontinuity will be in the Palm Springs International Shorts Fest on Friday June 24th in the “Awkward…!” Program.   Lori will also be on CBS EZ 103: Morning Coffee with Dan at 8am that morning and part of a Roundtable Discussion called “Outside the Lines” at 9:30am on Friday June 24th as a part of the festival.
    • Discontinuity was also one of Programmer Penelope Rose Barlett’s
      “Sneak Peek: Programmer’s Picks”!
  • Discontinuity’s German premiere was June 11th at Unknown Pleasures in Berlin.
  • Discontinuity’s Chicago premiere was June 9th at the Chicago Underground Film Festival.


 The Recent Past:

  • Discontinuity premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah in January.  The festival was a blast and the screenings were filled with laughter.
  • Discontinuity & I were also featured on Slamdance TV!

Right Now:

  • I’m working away on MOVING  my web-based video project for my Chicago Digital Media Production Fund Grant.
  • I’m still hanging out in the timeline with VON LMO for FUTURE LANGUAGE.  Keep an eye out for that later this year!
  •  I organized a screening of Faculty and Staff films at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (my new teaching home as of Sept 2015) which will screen on March 8th (which, as I write this, is tomorrow) at the Union Cinema. 13 members of the department will be featured!

Discontinuity is going to Slamdance!  What a wonderful World Premiere!

January 23rd, 2016 5:15PM
January 27th, 2016 10:30AM

Black Swell – Director: Jake Honig; Screenwriter: David Rysdahl
Deep Gold – Director & Screenwriter: Julian Rosefeldt
Discontinuity – Director & Screenwriter: Lori Felker
Gang – Director & Screenwriter: Clayton Vomero
Goodnight Birdy – Director: Zara Zerny; Screenwriters: Morten Pape, Zara Zerny



* Discontinuity is in Post-Production!

* FUTURE LANGUAGE is also in some weird limbo state between shooting more and post production.

*Another music video premiered!  Spires that in the Sunset Rise‘s Beasts in the Garden off of their new LP of the same name.  It’s a spectacular album and I encourage you to see them live!

*I was awarded a Chicago Digital Media Production Fund Grant for a new project called MOVING that will be available in May.  Stay tuned!

*I will also be splitting my time between Chicago and Milwaukee starting in September.  I’ll be a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  I’m very excited about this department and this opportunity!



I’m a bit behind on updates (being behind on the new is nothing new), so here’s what you may have missed over the past month or so:

1. Upcoming:  Sunday May 24th, 7pm, I’ll be hosting a live talk show on the final night of the Live To Tape Artist Television Festival.


2. I helped Drag City Records make this weird video for Bonnie Prince Billy’s “Singer’s Grave a Sea of Tongues” with the help of Neil Cloaca Young and Julia Dratel. Great idea for a record, chaotic consequences for the universe. This is sound science.


3. I made another music video for Implodes, for their new song “Out of Reach”.  This one was shot at the Music Box Theatre on expired film.  It’s creepy and Vice’s Noisey blog thinks so too.


4. A Turn on the Hill  will be at the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival on Saturday May 2nd!  I adore this festival and am so pleased to be a part of it again!


5. This happened:  March 24-29th:  I co-programmed the Music Video Program for the 53rd Ann Arbor Film Festival – the screening was packed & spectaular.


6. This is still happening:  Screening series at Root & Culture Gallery, (for which I am the programmer).

Feb 15:  DOUBLE EXPOSURE: Lyra Hill & Daviel Shy
March 17:  Video Data Bank: Unsteady States: Video Data Bank 7th Annual Showcase
April 12:    Tommy Heffron & Gwyneth Anderson
May 10: Nina Barnett



The Kickstarter Campaign for a new narrative short “Discontinuity” was successful!  Thanks everyone! Now it’s time to make a movie.



Launch of a Kickstarter Campaign for a new narrative short “Discontinuity” to be shot over the summer.  A part of Fandor’s new FIXshorts program!

Fandor’s FIXshorts is a new project to help five FIX filmmakers make a short films that will be seen on Fandor. Ben Russell, Maya Erdelyi, Lori Felker, Maximon Monihan, and Dan Schendel are raising the funds for their shorts right now via Kickstarter. Back these projects at any level and you can get a complimentary subscription to Fandor!



Now on view!….

I’ve got two new videos in the Extraordinary Effort, Spectacular Failure show open now until March 26th at Chicago Artists Coalition.  A Trip to Always Falls (2015) is an installation with video, a print, and a binder full of (what I like to call) “asides”.  (Thanks very much to Colleen Keihm, Curt Miller and Adam Strohm for their help!).  Pylons (2015) is a collaboration with the collaborative duo Sebura&Gartlemann, made specially for this exhibit.

It runs Friday, March 6, 2015 to Thursday, March 26, 2015 at Chicago Artists Coalition  (217 N Carpenter St, Chicago, IL).    Extraordinary Effort, Spectacular Failure is the culminating HATCH projects group exhibition for Liz Gadelha, Lori Felker, Wolfie E. Rawk, Nora Renick Rinehart, Jesse Seay, Sebura&Gartelman and Erin Toale (curator) .

March 24-29th: I’m programmed the Music Video Program for the 53rd Ann Arbor Film Festival – the screening was packed & spectaular.

More film/video programming at Root & Culture Gallery !

Feb 15:  DOUBLE EXPOSURE: Lyra Hill & Daviel Shy (a great success!)
March 17:  Video Data Bank: Unsteady States: Video Data Bank 7th Annual Showcase
April 12:    Tommy Heffron & Gwyneth Anderson
May 10: Nina Barnett




No-Fi (No Fidelity) – Opens Friday October 24th
HATCH Projects, Chicago Artists Coalition
Opening Reception 6-9pm. 10/24
Exhibition Dates: October 24 – November 13, 2014
217 N Carpenter St. Chicago, IL 60607

In NoFi (No Fidelity) artists Lori Felker, Jesse Seay, and Sebura&Gartelmann (Jonas Sebura and Alex Gartelmann) investigate the spectrums of craft and technical proficiency while practicing restraint or employing alternative methods in their modes of production. The presented works denote a counterculture ethos and feature a healthy dose of punk and DIY aesthetics. Curated by Erin Toale.

More NoFi Related events:

* I’ll be gallery sitting October 25th 12pm-6pm if you can’t make it to the opening and want to chat about the show.
* Tuesday October 28th, Comfort Station’s HATCH Projects Salon Series, 6-9pm. Each of the artists in my group and the curator Erin Toale, will introduce/present their recent work.

It was a pleasure to be included on NewCity’s Film 50 list with a lot of other fantastic filmmakers.  50 is certainly too small of a number to cover all of the breadth of the Chicago film scene, but I was still tickled to be included as one of the “multi-hyphenate talents” they featured.



I’ve been working hard on my upcoming feature film FUTURE LANGUAGE, so I’m behind on updates.  Here’s a quick list of highlights!

  • Jerzy’s Rose’s new short En Plein Air (for which I was the cinematographer) premiered at the Telluride Film Festival.  We both got to go and had a fantastic time.
  • My new position as the Film/Video Programmer at Root & Culture Gallery officially begins this Sunday with the first program in our fall screening series.  The abbreviated program:

Sept 21st:  +PLAYLIST Soheila Azadi
Oct 19th:  +PLAYLIST: Latham Zearfoss
Nov 9th:    Double Exposure: Theo Darst & Jennifer Chan
Nov 23rd:  Todd Mattei

  • Scattered in the Wind will be screening  in October at this year’s Antimatter Film Festival in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • This is My Show returned to where it was shot and was installed as part of the “Reflecting on Olana” Event on the Catwalk grounds on September 14th.


THIS IS MY SHOW will be a part of a screening this Saturday at Iceberg Projects in Chicago:

NONCOMPLIANCE curated by: Carrie Schneider
featuring videos by the following artists: Pilvi Takala, Lori Felker, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Juliana Paciulli, Dana DeGiulio, Cauleen Smith

Saturday, July 26, 2014 – 7:30pm



The birth of the new website.